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How to Reach Millennials on Instagram

social media marketing for real estate agents

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Instagram is a major breeding ground for connecting with Millennials. By some estimates, the visual marketing platform has outstripped even Facebook when it comes to connecting with this pivotal generation. But how to connect with Millennial real estate clients? Keep reading for five tips on how to reach Millennials on Instagram.

1. Be consistent

When it comes to social media, no one likes a part-timer. If you’re going to tackle Instagram, do it right and do it reliably. That means making a schedule and sticking to it. In other words, don’t start off strong by posting three times a day and then go missing for two weeks. Remember that the more consistently you post, the more likely it is that Millennials will notice your brand and reward you with likes, comments, and shares.

2. Use cultural relevance to your advantage

Nostalgia is a powerful tool in your arsenal. It works beautifully if you can tap into the collective memories of Millennials. Moreover, content that is relevant to a particular time—be it then or now—or specific to a certain set of associations will help Millennials make associations between your brand and treasured remembrances. Get them at their heart and you’ll see where they live.

3. Recognize the uniqueness of your Millennial audience and make them feel special

This could take the form of Instagram-only giveaway and contests or an exclusive sneak peek at a new or emerging feature. The more you can make your Millennial visitors feel seen and appreciated, the more they will want to reward your brand with their business.

Millennial real estate clients want to stand out. Make them feel special.

4. Embrace the power of taggable posts

Taggable posts offer a goldmine of free viral marketing for you. This is viral marketing at its most powerful—when one Millennial guest tags another (or, preferably, several) and the tagging goes from there, that’s invaluable free exposure for your real estate business right there. How can you beat that?

5. Originality is king

Millennials aren’t coming to Instagram to see what they can see anywhere else on the internet. Instead, they expect that their favorite brands (and soon-to-be-favorites) are doing something unique and interesting on this popular-beyond-popular platform. Don’t disappoint them! Instead, post something that will immediately engage your followers and hopefully spur them to action.

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