video messaging for real estate agents

Leave Your Video After the Beep: 6 Times Real Estate Agents Should Use Video Messaging

video messaging for real estate agentsIn real estate, texting, emailing, and calling clients all serve a purpose. However, using video messaging can make an even bigger impact on customers and prospects. Videos can help you set apart and endear yourself to clients—and you may even save yourself some time and hassle.

Follow up with potential real estate leads with video messaging

Want to make a powerful first impression on potential clients? Send them a video message instead of the unexpected voicemail message or email. Because they see your face, you’ll feel more familiar to them. That goes a long way toward making them comfortable with you, and as you know, that’s the first hurdle you must cross. Beyond that, it’s a powerful way to stand out from other agents.

Check in on real estate leads that have gone cold

It’s much easier to simply delete an email or voicemail message, but people are less inclined to ignore a video message. Send a brief video to check in, point them to additional resources, or ask to schedule a quick call. One short message can remind people why they reached out to you in the first place and prompt them to take the next step.

Share bad news with your real estate clients

When you must tell buyers that their offer wasn’t accepted or explain to sellers that they need to drop their asking price, using email or text seems cold. Although a phone call allows you to make more of a human connection, a video is much more powerful. You can use your facial expressions and body language to help calm and reassure your clients during upsetting and emotional times. So if you can’t do it in person, use video.

Send quick updates to your real estate clients

Especially when you have positive updates to share, video offers you a chance to experience that joy with customers. Plus, video is so much quicker than drafting a long email when you need to provide a status report about where you are in the process. Additionally, it offers clients an opportunity to ask you questions that you can immediately respond to, rather than wasting time emailing back and forth.

Offer a little something extra

In less than 10 minutes a day, you could record personal messages to top clients and leads that make them feel extra special. Send holiday greetings or birthday wishes, or acknowledge other significant moments, such as anniversaries, graduations, or the birth of a child. A cheerful message will stand out from the onslaught of general cards and impersonal messages others might send.

Say “thank you” to your real estate clients

The most powerful reason to use video on a regular basis is to show your appreciation to others. Saying “thank you” makes other people’s day better—especially when it is offered in person or via video.

Plus, the act of showing appreciation has a profound positive psychological effect on your, your attitude, and your day. Benefits include reducing your stress, clearing your mind, and boosting your energy. Commit to sending three thank-you videos each day.

Learn more about the power of video messaging

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