real estate agent working with clients

The Favorite Part of the Real Estate Process

real estate agent working with clients

Last month (June), we asked our CE Plus members, “What’s your favorite part of the real estate process?” The winner was “negotiating deals” with 47% of the votes. Keep reading to learn what else made the list.

What’s your favorite part of the real estate process?

favorite part of the real estate process results

Negotiating Deals (46.7%)

“The thrill negotiations coupled with the emotions of the clients and the finality of someone’s life being changed. What more could I ask for?”

“I really enjoy helping people negotiate a deal when buying or selling. I do my best to make sure I always help find a win-win scenario.”

Showing Houses to Buyers (33.3%)

“I love when the buyer walks into a house for the first time and just knows that they are a fit and everything works in their favor and it is a smooth process.”

“I love looking at all the different houses because each one is unique and tells a story.”

Preparing Homes to Go On the Market (13.3%)

Preparing your listings to go on the market is a favorite for people who love interior design, home staging, photography, marketing, and a multitude of other creative endeavors.

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Generating Leads (6.7%)

For those who like talking to people, generating new business, and get that buzz that comes from “hustling,” generating leads comes naturally. There are many ways to generate leads these days: cold-calling, online, and networking are some of the main ways agents generate leads.

If there is one aspect of the real estate process that you absolutely love and excel at, maybe consider joining a real estate team so that someone else can provide the skills that you may be lacking or just don’t like doing as much.