3 Ways to Turn Real Estate Client Complaints into Compliments [Guide]

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No one likes dealing with difficult real estate clients. But the truth is, buying and selling real estate is fraught with emotions. So what happens when your real estate client has a complaint to get off their chest? Are you prepared to deal with it?

We have insights on the most common real estate client complaints, along with tips, scripts, and insights on how to deal with them gracefully and successfully in our free download: Pocket Guide to Real Estate Client Complaints: 7 Solutions for Overcoming Unhappy Real Estate Clients. Here’s a sampling of three of the top complaints—and solutions—for real estate pros.

Real estate client complaint: You aren’t delivering what you promised.

Your client says…

  • You’re not showing homes that include my must-haves or wants.
  • You’re not finding homes in my budget or desired neighborhood.
  • You aren’t selling my property as quickly as you said you would.
  • I don’t agree with your proposed listing price.
  • You aren’t available when I want to talk with you.


While some agents over-promise, market conditions can also make it impossible to deliver. In other cases, some clients’ expectations are too high. Regardless, you must still provide outstanding customer service. That means managing their expectations and sometimes telling them what they don’t want to hear. Find scripts for handling the situation.

Real estate client complaint: You are never available

Your client says…

  • You avoid my phone calls and texts.
  • You take too long to respond.
  • Your schedule doesn’t work with mine.
  • You’re not giving me the time I need and deserve.


Chances are, you’re not purposely ignoring clients. Be sure you’re establishing communication expectations before you sign a contract. Establish and agree on how you will work together. You’ll both know from day one what you need to do to make the relationship successful. See more solutions.

Real estate client complaint: You don’t listen

Your client says…

  • My budget is firm and you’re still showing me properties I can’t afford.
  • You’re only focusing on my wife’s wish list.
  • You never show homes that have the right features, location, or price.


Again, it looks like you’re having another communication breakdown. Have you been listening and taking notes about your client’s wishes? Are you upfront and honest with what you can do for your clients? If you can’t give your clients what they want, are you clearly explaining why? Find more tips on this tricky topic.

Learn more ways to turn client complaints into client compliments

Most real estate agents are bound to get customer complaints every now and again. You simply can’t please everyone. But if you’re noticing your complaints becoming a normal routine within your business, you need to dwell on them and investigate strategies to overcome them.

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