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When I login to my course it says I am still enrolled; why?

Please note: It is the student’s responsibility to verify all of their courses have a completion status. McKissock Education is not responsible, for any reason, for courses not completed by the student’s education due by date.

There are a couple common things that occur when someone thinks they’ve completed a course but the system is not registering the completion.

    1. Sometimes you haven’t gone far enough in the course to register the completion.  If you have completed the final exam of your course and your course says you are still enrolled, please:

• Open your course.
• Go to the final exam in the last chapter.
• Click on the arrow that is facing right – this will take you to the course completion form.
• Complete and submit the Course Completion Form.

2. Sometimes students don’t realize a course has more than one chapter and think they’ve finished after the first chapter is complete.  A good way to track your progress in the course is with the blue progress bar that appears in the lower left-hand corner.  Here your course completion is shown as a percentage.  Unless you’re at 100% the course is not complete.

*You may need to refresh your MyMcKissock page in order for the “Completed” status to show.

Once you have submitted the course completion form/finished all components of your course, the course “completed” status will display and you will be able to print your certificate in accordance with your state regulatory requirements.
• Some states have additional required documents that need to be submitted to McKissock before we can issue or submit proof of completion
• The following states require an original signature and cannot be printed online or via e-mail:  North Carolina (APP and RE), West Virginia (RE-CE) and Hawaii (RE-CE)


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